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Todaytonight, Digital print (diptych) 38x 137cm, 2017

GREATEST HITS, Oil on Board (14 panels), acrylic on wall, 81 x 340cm, 2017

Fremantle site intervention documentation, 2017

This video serves as documentation for the site intervention in the area surrounding the Smart casual gallery in Fremantle where the exhibition 'It could be worth $1000' was shown. McCulloch has directly appropriated a poster offering a reward to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest of a graffiti writer that is made freely available for public use on the West Australian state graffiti taskforce website ''. This video was recorded and shared to the Smart Casual instagram story the night before the opening of the exhibition. These posters could then be seen pasted up illegally in the streets surrounding the gallery and inside the gallery where one had been signed, editioned and titled with the link to the original resource ''.

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